What is the best book about roller skating?

You’ll find the answer here when people ask what is the bestselling book about roller skating. “French Roll: Misadventures in Love, Life, 
and Roller Skating Across the French Riviera” is hands-down the best book about roller skating.

What is the best book about roller skating? It’s the story revolving around roller skating across France. It includes backpacking, French Riviera travel, and coming of age. It also includes solo travel in this humorous memoir. Fans of Côte d’Azur will enjoy tales of adventure on the journey of roller skating across France.

If you’ve ever had roller skates on your feet, this is an epic adventure you cannot miss.

Roller skate across France

As the first person to roller skate across France, J Michael Jarvis has an amazing story to tell. His book, French Roll, is now a bestseller. If you’re interested in roller skating in Nice, or roller skating in Cannes, or roller skating in Antibes, you’ll find many great stories of what the journey is like.

When nineteen-year-old Michael gets a letter from his girlfriend asking him to meet her in Barcelona, he quits his daredevil job at the top of the German Alps. He plots a two-month solo trek across the ritzy coast of southern France—on roller skates. Even being chased down impossibly steep mountain roads by sports cars can’t keep an American teenager down. Especially when he’s delivering an engagement ring… and a dark confession.

At the end of his adventurous gap year at the top of Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain, he leaves his alpine friends behind. As a result, he finds his inner true self and his California girlfriend, 900 miles away. However, with a backpack, ski poles, and roller skates, he sets out to skate from Italy to Spain. Meanwhile, he experiences every inch of beach in the south of France.

Roller skating across France over every inch of the French Riviera, the author shares, for example, a rare look at beaches undiscovered by tourist guides. On the other hand, the pristine gems too small for hotels and too far from train stations are also found. European history, art history, and French culture come together in this off-the-grid tale of living in the moment, creating your true self, and living to write about it.



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