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The wisdom of crazy.

Rollin’ on the Riviera chronicles the true story of an 800 mile journey across France—from Italy to Spain—through every breathtaking cove and village of the French Riviera. With harrowing tales of roller-skiing highways and hills of France’s Côte d’Azur, the author becomes a part of the culture with new friends, enemies, and an intimate knowledge of every meter of asphalt and sidewalk along the most gorgeous part of the world.

With tales from the depths of California, as a Glass Bottom Boat SCUBA show diver, to the heights of Germany’s highest mountain as an amateur Avalanche Technician, the story follows the gap year between high school and college that changed a life forever. Driven by adventure, love, and transcendent ambition towards growing up, the author’s philosophical and emotional journey parallels the bold challenge of traversing Europe on eight small wheels. Who knew doing something so crazy could be so smart?

A direct link to Amazon, Nook and iBooks will be here once the book is published. For now, stay in touch by entering your email address in the form at the right, and we’ll notify you upon completion (Spring 2014).

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  1. Congrats Mike! Looking forward to the read.

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