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Vive la France!

  • Author: Michael
  • Date Posted: May 1, 1981
  • Category:

Menton; surviving asphalt slopes, sleeping on the beach and eating tripes – yuck!

They say the French police will arrest you for treating their beaches like a campground. The wise – and the homeless – find a hiding place to get a good night’s sleep while urban camping. Beyond Menton harbor is a spot that looks good. I setup my Therm-a-Rest mattress and proudly lay out my hand-made sleeping bag. The bag is a project I created while living with my second family in Germany. I figured a down bag would be too hot so I asked my “Mütti” to show me how to use her sewing machine. I bought white terry-cloth bulk fabric, cut it in thirds, dyed two panels red and blue. When I sewed them all together, it had a French flag that I would sleep in. Viva la France!


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