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Maguelone Cathedral

Maguelone Cathedral

If these walls could talk back.

  • Author: Michael
  • Date Posted: Jun 9, 1981
  • Category:

Lessons from today; don’t try and rollerskate across a gravel road, don’t expect bridges to always there, and don’t talk to crazy strangers, for they can talk to themselves just fine. This 11th century¬†cathedral was built between 1030 and 1060 A.D. Nearly 1000 years old, it doesn’t look a day over 900.

I imagine the history this place has seen over the last thousand years. I didn’t think there was anyone else around until a man came from around the corner and startled us both. His hungry frame, long curly hair and wild old soul moves in crazy quirks. “Bon jour” I say to start conversation. From that point he takes the conversation all to himself. He appears to be slurring, and I wonder if this is a dialect or sign of a blathering idiot. Possibly drunk, possibly insane. Not dangerous my intuition says, but someone to keep an eye on just in case. As I sat in the cool shade, he talked for a good five minutes to either me or the wall of the church; Neither the wall nor myself understands a single word. It’s time to get back on the road, but he hasn’t noticed I’ve left, continuing his passionate speech. Perhaps he’s practicing for the coming Sunday sermon? I always wondered how pastors would practice perfect sermons; I may have found the secret. I’m thinking this isn’t the norm for pastors, but for the tiny Cathedral de Maguelone out here at the end of a dirt beach road, it may be what it takes. I’m not waiting until Sunday to find out.

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