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Canet Plage

Canet Plage

50 km to go, and 2 days to recover from blisters.

  • Author: Michael
  • Date Posted: Jun 13, 1981
  • Category:

My blisters are acting up again. Maybe it’s the powdered borax soap I used to wash my socks in the bathroom sink at the gas station, or just the roughness of the road along the beach here. Either way, I’m in pain and ready to call it a day. Making Canet Plage will be a 68 km run for the day, and that’s plenty. From there I’m an easy 50 km run to the border. I check into an expensive 65 Franc hotel and have a cold beer in the 10 pm sunset. Not my usual lighthouse and camping scene at this resort on the beach, but worthy of my last night in France, so live it up!

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