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Italian border

Italian border

One hell'a first day on the road

  • Author: Michael
  • Date Posted: May 1, 1981
  • Category:

Skating at 30 kph through a tunnel using the headlights of the tour bus just a few meters behind me.

Going from bright sunlight into a black tunnel – still wearing sunglasses – I am blinded for a few moments. Oncoming headlights and honking horns are no help to see or relax through the situation, and that apartment-on-wheels behind me was a constant reminder of imminent death. The pavement in the tunnel is rough – that’s good because the friction slows me down. But the rough pavement in the tunnel is bad because my wheels began to trip me up and I’d have to catch myself before a face-plant in the dark. As I slow, the bus creeps up and closes his distance. “He’s moving in for the kill” is all I could think as we twist through the tunnel. “He’s using his bright headlights to get me to pull over now” and there’s more honking as he blinds the oncoming drivers. “They’re going to be blinded and cross the line and flatten me on the front of the bus.”

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