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Spanish Border

Spanish Border

First person ever to skate from Italy to Spain

  • Author: Michael
  • Date Posted: Jun 14, 1981
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journal15Border Crossing; France to Spain. June 14, 1981journal14

The border guard looks at my passport, then at my skates, and again at my passport.

“How did you get here – on roller skates?”

“Yes I did – from Ventimiglia, Italy to here.” The guard pauses, puzzled, and tells the other guards to come out.

“You skated from where?” The guard is not hard of hearing, but hard of believing.

“From Italy. To Spain.” The other guards come out, looking like there might be trouble. They discuss me for a moment.

“No Señor, I would like to know from where you roller skated. From Cerbère?” Well of course – it’s only two miles down the hill I thought. Duh.

“Yes, just now from Cerbère, but five weeks ago I started in Italy. It is my journey to skate from Italy to Spain.”

“And Señor you have come all this way by roller skate to Spain?”

“Yes. I have.”

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