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j michael jarvis – adventure writer

Author J Michael Jarvis writes from his experiences as a professional jet pilot, yacht captain and global adventurer. He has thousands of true, remarkable and often hilarious stories of how he mucked things up. From roller-skating across France as a teen, to escaping pirates as a yacht captain in the Caribbean Sea. Or flying Sir Richard Branson and Chuck Yeager from some of the world’s most remote airports. Jarvis has lived a life even the most imaginative writers can only begin to fictionalize.

Jarvis is a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Science. He is a captain of both air and sea, carrying an FAA Air Transport Pilot license and a US Coast Guard Master License. These enabled his experiences of commanding yachts and airplanes from North and South America to most Caribbean islands nations.

A surviving passenger of a 1985 airplane crash, Jarvis has lived under his own version of the old pilot’s adage: “any landing you can crawl away from with broken arms and legs—on fire—is a good one.” Jarvis continues to fly and write about his adventures on the sea and in the sky. His humor is both inspirational and thought-provoking, with rare insight into the generosity we are given with each extended day of our fragile lives.

An active member of Southern California Writers Association, Jarvis lives in his birth town of Newport Beach, California. He is happily married with four adult children.

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