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Misadventures in love, life, and roller skating across the french riviera



The most epic eight-wheeled adventure ever—roller skating across France!

When nineteen-year-old Michael gets a letter from his girlfriend asking him to meet her in Barcelona, he quits his daredevil job at the top of the German Alps and plots a two-month solo trek across the ritzy coast of southern France—on roller skates. But when a tour bus chases him through a dark, steep tunnel on his first day, he’s forced to rethink his delusions of invincibility and consider a more rational mode of crossing France.

Can his inner man triumph over the adventurous teen to safely deliver an engagement ring—along with a dark confession—to his girl before his summer odyssey rolls to a stop?


Jarvis writes from his experiences as a professional jet pilot, yacht captain and global adventurer with thousands of true, remarkable and often hilarious stories of how he mucked things up. From roller-skating across France as a teen, to escaping pirates as a yacht captain in the Caribbean Sea, to flying Sir Richard Branson and Chuck Yeager from some of the world’s most remote airports, Jarvis has lived a life even the most imaginative writers can only begin to fictionalize.

Author J Michael Jarvis

Finished your book, thoroughly enjoyed it! Great story, well written, could totally visualize you as you told the stories.

– Brian F. 


I’m hooked – especially after the breakfast meeting, and the climb up the mountain.

– SCWA Critique


I think you have something here!

– Madeline M.